Magnetic Bearing Oil Free Chiller/HVAC System


The highest comfort and the minimum environmental impact from the whole building; this is the mission of Climaveneta. Climaveneta is aware that technological systems are amongst the most crucial elements in modern buildings and urban design.

The usability, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the surroundings as well as the health and well-being of the people who spend their time there, depend upon these systems.


No matter whether it is an industrial application, an office space, residential building or leisure centre; it is not only comfort that is an important requirement. It is a matter of flexibility and care, adapting the system to the requirements of each building, application and the user’s needs.

This is what Climaveneta considers sustainable comfort: the best solution to meet the stakeholders’ expectations ensuring comfort, maximum energy efficiency, optimized investments, highest standard of environmental respect and innovative air conditioning and heating solutions.


Decreasing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and making the most extensive use of renewable sources.

Through a wide range of highly configurable products, combined with solutions dedicated to each project, when even the highest configurability is not enough.

Thanks to cutting-edge solutions designed around technological innovation and sustainability in order to drive down initial investment, running costs and maintenance, and to increase the total life cycle of the product.


  • eliminate high mechanical friction losses
  • without speed increasing gear, no transmission loss;
  • increase equipment life
  • permit soft shut down
  • 2 stage compression, high compression efficiency



  • its frequency is directly related to motor’s speed
  • its frequency is “managed” by the inverter
  • automatically adjust the speed to match the load and operating conditions for maximum efficiency (speed range : 20,000 – 48,000 rpm)

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