Magnetic Bearing Oil Free Chiller/HVAC System


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We Provide customers HVAC Equipment with the best selection plan, reasonable system configuration, and professional technical consulting and support. Our factory fully implementing modern management, has a professional technical development team and high-quality production, quality, environmental management team, the management team are from the world top 500 enterprises. We also have advanced production equipment and testing equipment, so we basically achieve the management standardization, modernization of production, professional of product testing and comprehensive quality and e nvironmental management system.

Magnetic Levitation Air Conditioning Equipment

Wherever a large-scale refrigeration equipment is applied for, a hotel, a business center, an office building, a school, a hospital, a university or a factory, its characteristics of saving energy, safety, stability and being adaptable to the environment are always the key pointed to be measured. BSE has developed the Magnetic Levitation Central Air Conditioning Equipment family products by especially taking the factors above mentioned into consideration.

The core technology for the whole family products is the revolutionary magnetic levitation oil-free centrifugal compressor. The compressor is employed with a magnetic levitation shifting bearing that works without mechanical wear and decreases the risk of failure. The equipment is free of the lubricant, which greatly reduce the workload of its maintenance and the cost of its operation.

The integrated technology enables to lower the start-up current, and automatically adjust the quantity of refrigeration through the frequency conversion technology to adapt present requirement of refrigeration. BSE’s products have reached the highest energy efficiency, and, in particular, the partial load efficiency of the machine’s actual operating point has reached an advanced level in the whole industry.

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