What We Do

The company has established a diverse portfolio that encompasses ranges in the area of Asset, Facilities and Energy Management since its establishment in 8th April 1996.

For every job, we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment. We are employing hundreds of technical staff around the country and have helped in improving local employment at all sites that we have presence. We conduct a continuous on-job-training at all levels and project quality management system to ensure consistent high quality project deliverables.

Knowledge is the basis of our success.


Building on family legacy in the area of engineering and construction that spans more than 50 years,we will continue to be guided by innovative management and firm held values.


We set high standard, we used advanced technology and we continually learn, innovate and improve. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment and we adhere to Jana Tanmia Resources Work Habits at all time.


We encourage openness, teamwork and trust. We value an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, experience and views.


Uncompromising integrity,honesty,respect and fairness are at the heart of our company. We stand by on everything that we do.


Zero accidents – people’s life depends on it. Preventive measures are always prioritized.


We plan and build for the future of our environment, customers and company.


We earn a return that fairly reward the value we deliver.

Asset, Facility Maintenance & Management Services

Undertake total comprehensive or non-comprehensive asset, facility management & maintenance services.

Design, Build and Maintenance of Mechanical & Electrical System

Mechanical Services
Air Conditioning Refrigeration System
Cold Water System Clean Room / Critical Environment
Medical / Industrial Gas System Hot Water, Steam
Fire Protection System Industrial Compress Air System
Electrical Services
Street Lighting System Lightning Protection System
Traffic Control System Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)
Genset System Building Automation System
Building Electrical
(High Voltage / Low Voltage)
Uninterrupted Power Supply System
Substation System Isolated Power Supply System

Our Clients