With over 40 years combined experience of company staff within medical gas pipeline industry, our products recognise and embrace the specialist requirements of this industry to include all aspects of customer service, product design, cleanliness, packaging, and usability required to become a successful partner for installations of pipeline equipment.

The highest comfort and the minimum environmental impact from the whole building: this is the mission of Haier. No matter whether it is an industrial application, an office space, residential building or leisure centre; it is not only comfort that is an important requirement. It is a matter of flexibility and care, adapting the system to the requirements of each building, application and the user’s needs.

Distech Control’s building management system provides a complete, integrated solution for HVAC, Lighting, Access Control, CCTV, and Energy Management, achieving over 30% energy and operational cost savings. Designed to meet the highest standards of green stewardship and durable performance, our open solutions provide not only a competitive advantage today, but sustainability tomorrow and beyond.

  • True Flow Feedback
  • High Accuracy and Turndown
  • Linear Response
  • No scheduled maintenance